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Heritage Schools Award 2017The first secondary school to achieve 'Heritage School Status'

The history department have been delighted have worked in partnership with Historic England over the past year to achieve 'Heritage School Status'. As a result, we have become the first secondary school in the area to achieve this award.

The Heritage Schools' Programme has enabled the history department, and students in 2016-17 (in form 8L), to examine the local history of Yarm and provide them with an understanding of their locality.

The students involved in the project undertook a walk, led by an archaeologist from Teesside University around Yarm to explore the area’s history and changing use. They visited historic buildings and learnt about prominent figures whilst considering the changes which have occurred since the Middle Ages. They also considered the different buildings' usage and the stories behind the two bridges.

The project was launched in school by Vikki Angel from Heritage England; Vikki worked with the students for a lesson looking at a range of aerial photographs and maps of Yarm. Subsequently, students considered what had changed and what had stayed the same. Students then focused their enquiry on Yarm in the Industrial Revolution and, after their initial lessons, created a series of questions which they wanted to investigate.

Lessons were taught using directories, maps, photographs and first-hand accounts of various aspects of the history of Yarm: students looked at key individuals and how the use of buildings had changed over time. The Students' work then culminated in the creation of a timeline that included their own research and artwork. The timeline can be viewed by clicking here.

Although this is the end of our work for this project it is only the beginning as both the students and staff have been left with a need and desire to share the fascinating story of Yarm. The development of our timeline is only in its infancy and students will have the opportunity to shape the celebration of our community history beyond this academic year.


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