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Attendance and punctuality: why is it so important?

It is important that your child attends school every day. At Egglescliffe school we want every student to strive for 100% attendance.

As the infographic shows, when a student's attendance falls below 90% they will lose a month of learning in an academic year. To put this a different way, 90% attendance would mean a student missing 100 hour-long lessons.

A score of 90% on a test would be a cause for celebration, but in attendance terms less than 90% is defined by the government as persistent absence.

How does attendance affect achievement?

Good attendance every year promotes good habits and helps to build the skills and resilience needed in the world beyond school. If a student only attended school 90% of the time between reception and Year 11, in real terms they would have lost more than one whole year of learning.

Attendance at school is strongly linked to how students perform academically. Extensive national research has concluded that 17 days of lost education in a year is likely to result in a student achieving a grade lower in each of his or her GCSE subjects.

Good attenders are more often than not good achievers. Thank you for your support in ensuring that your child at Egglescliffe sits near to the top rung of the attendance ladder.