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School Uniform

All pupils are expected to wear school uniform until they enter the Sixth Form. Our aim is to set a standard of dress and appearance which we feel is appropriate and acceptable for the school environment. The uniform is sensible, helps pupils feel that they belong to the school and it is not difficult for parents to obtain the correct garments.

We expect that all parents will send their children to school in the appropriate uniform and support us in maintaining high standards of appearance throughout their child’s time at Egglescliffe.



Egglescliffe School Blazer (compulsory)

Egglescliffe School Blazer (compulsory)
White non-fitted school shirt (top button fastened, tucked in) White non-fitted school shirt (top button fastened, tucked in)
V neck navy school jumper (optional) with embroidered badge V neck navy school jumper (optional) with embroidered badge
Full length school tie Full length school tie
Black school trousers Egglescliffe School kilt (with black tights and MUST NOT be rolled up) or school trousers (straight legged only, no adornments/skinny trousers are NOT permitted)
Black, plain polishable school shoes (No boots or trainers or sports logos) Black, flat plain polishable school shoes (No boots, trainers or sports logos. Shoes should not have adornments)

Dark, school coat (no sports logos, bodywarmers, hoodies, leather or denim)

Unconventional hairstyles/hair colours, jewellery including earrings, nail varnish, false/acrylic nails or false tan must not be worn in school. The ONLY make up permitted is natural coloured foundation.


We do not want school uniform to become a fashion statement.  The following items are not acceptable:- multi-coloured sweatshirts, T-shirts, training shoes, plimsolls, platform or high heeled shoes, mules, Dr Martens boots, fashion boots, denim or leather jackets, football scarves and baseball caps.  We do not allow hooded leisure tops or sweatshirts instead of coats.  Girls should not wear very long or very short skirts nor skin tight trousers.  Short jersey skirts in particular are not appropriate for school.  Both boys and girls should tuck their shirts in to ensure that they look smart.

Jewellery – ear-rings, rings, necklaces etc are not appropriate for school as they pose a health and safety risk.  If parents wish their child to have any piercings done this should be done early in the summer holidays, not in term time.  Piercings of any kind are not appropriate for school. If pupils are out of uniform for a legitimate reason please will parents send a note to the tutor explaining the reason.


The PE department have high standards and insist that all pupils wear the PE kit listed below.  It is obtainable from most sports shops.  Due to the type of flooring in the sports hall pupils must wear clean, light-soled, non-marking training shoes.  If the same training shoes are used for both indoor and outdoor work they must be clean and have non-marking soles.




Egglescliffe School plain red shorts

Egglescliffe School red plain red shorts or Egglescliffe School skort

Egglescliffe school white polo shirt

Egglescliffe school white polo shirt

Plain red/white reversible rugby shirt or red school PE sweatshirt

Plain red/white reversible rugby shirt (optional)

Plain red or white socks

Training shoes for outdoor work

Training shoes for indoor work

Navy Egglescliffe school PE fleece

Optional Kit

Tracksuit bottoms – plain navy blue or black

Shin pads and gum shield

Plain red, white, navy or black skins

Football boots


NB – Football shirts with logos are NOT acceptable for PE lessons. For all of the above only plain colours are acceptable.  No multi-coloured markings are allowed.

Egglescliffe School plain red shorts and Egglescliffe school white polo shirt