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Our aims and values

We believe that Egglescliffe School provides an exceptional educational experience through high academic standards, a supportive pastoral ethos and a wealth of enrichment opportunities which develops the whole person. This was confirmed by Ofsted in May 2013 when the school was last inspected and proudly achieved a third consecutive outstanding grade with Ofsted stating that “an exceptional positive learning environment pervades the school”.

At Egglescliffe we are committed to giving every student the opportunity to achieve their full potential to become confident, self-assured learners. Whilst our academic results are some of the best in the area we also strive to develop essential life skills amongst our students so they are equipped to participate fully and contribute positively to life as active citizens in a modern democratic society. We encourage our students to understand and appreciate the viewpoints of others with moral and ethical issues, promoting tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. We help the pupils develop an understanding of the diverse society in which they live and help them appreciate that everyone is an individual in their own right. Pupils are encouraged to debate and discuss topical and sometime controversial issues which include human rights and responsibilities within both a national and global context. Pupils are made aware throughout their education at Egglescliffe School of the importance of individual liberty as well as an understanding of the role of law and justice in modern society. We firmly believe in the importance of educating our students to understand the importance of qualities such as honesty, reliability, respect, reflection and resilience.

We aim to develop lively, enquiring minds, encouraging our students to have a thirst for learning. We work closely with our students, building their self-confidence so they can become more independent in their learning. This enables our students to view education as a lifelong process. In addition to this, students are supported and guided through the key transition points of their education to ensure they make the right choices for their future. For many parents, the positive and pro-active pastoral care that the students experience every day is the main reason for choosing Egglescliffe School.



We will, at all times, keep RESPECT at the centre of what we do and how we do it.


We acknowledge the going will get tough, we will not give up – we will just TRY HARDER.


We take pride in what we do and accept nothing but EXCELLENCE from ourselves.


We value what it takes to be a scholar: INTEGRITY, PERSEVERANCE and COURAGE.


We are here to PROGRESS, to GROW, to BE BETTER each day.


We know that all people are created EQUAL and deserve to be treated as such.


We appreciate COMPASSION: caring for ourselves, each other and our school.


We understand that COLLABORATION is crucial. We are STRONGER, TOGETHER.