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Our Special Education Needs Co-ordinator is Dr C. Lear

At Egglescliffe, the principles underpinning SEN provision are those upon which the whole ethos of the school is based. We strive to be an inclusive school, engendering a sense of community and belonging by recognising, rewarding and valuing diversity among our students. All pupils are welcome, including those with special educational needs, in accordance with Stockton LA’s Admissions Policy. We believe that pupils with special educational needs should be able to join in the activities of the school so far as is reasonably practical and compatible with the child receiving the appropriate provision and the efficient education of the pupils with whom they are educated. In addition, we believe that maximum success and progress can only be achieved by the joint cooperation, understanding and planning of staff, parents, pupils, governors, support services and the LA.

Provision for pupils with special educational needs is a whole school issue. Central to the work of every class and every subject is a continuous cycle of planning, teaching, assessment and evaluation that takes account of the wide range of abilities, aptitudes and interests of the pupils. The majority of pupils will learn and progress within these arrangements. However, for pupils with special educational needs it may be necessary to provide an enhanced level of provision that supports and develops their learning abilities.


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Accessibility Statement and Plan

If you would like view the SEND Policy, please check click here.