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How will I be informed of my child's progress?

Formal reporting on your child’s progress will take place throughout the academic year. Please see the table below for more detail:





Year 7

5th/ 6th Oct-Settling in Parents’ Evening-with form tutor

12th December- Progress assessments sent home

13th March-Progress assessments sent home

26th June-End of year reports sent home

27th June-Subject Parents’ Evening 4.15pm-7.30pm

Year 8

12th December- Progress Assessments sent home

20th March-Progress Assessments sent home

23rd March-
Subject Parents’ Evening 4.15pm-7.30pm

10th July End of year reports sent home


Year 9

21st November- Progress assessments sent home

20th Feb- Formal reports sent home

23rd Feb-GCSE Options Evening 6.30pm

8th/9th March- Parents’ evening with form tutor

24th April-28th Apr Formal exams week

15th May- Progress Assessments sent home

14th July Celebration of Achievement event 10.30am

Year 10

21st November- Progress assessments sent home

20th  February-Progress assessments sent home

29th March-7th April Formal mock exams

8th May
Mock results sent home

3rd  July-End of year reports sent home

4th  July
Subject Parents’ Evening 4.15pm-7.30pm

Year 11

31st Oct -Progress assessments sent home

10th Nov-How to support your child with revision evening 6.30pm

1st Dec-14th Dec- Formal Year 11 mock exam period

13th January-Mock Results Day

19th  January-Sixth Form Open Evening

30th Jan- Formal reports sent home

2nd Feb-Subject Parent’s Evening 4.15pm-7.30pm

13th March-Progress assessment sent home

15th May GCSE exams begin

Year 12

6th Oct Settling in tutor evening-with form tutor

5th December- Progress assessments sent home

6th Dec- Subject Parents’ Evening

5th Jan-11th Jan- Formal mock exams

2nd March-
Formal reports sent home

3rd April-
Progress Assessments sent home

15th May AS exams begin

12th June-Year 12 return to start Year 13 course

Year 13

31st October -Progress assessments sent home

17th November-Subject Parents’ Evening

9th Jan-13th Jan- Formal mock exams

17th March- Formal reports sent home

24th April-Progress assessments sent home

5th June-A-level exams begin


In addition to the reporting to parents highlighted above, all students can also expect to be tracked, monitored and assessed regularly in their lessons. Students will receive quality, detailed feedback from their teachers on a regular basis which informs them about the skills they have acquired and what they need to do to make further progress. There is an expectation that all students act upon this feedback, therefore, taking responsibility for their own learning and progress. Students will also be assessed, and receive feedback, through structured self and peer assessment. This enables the student to gain a deeper understanding of the assessment methodology which is an essential component of success in formal GCSE, AS and A-Level exams.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

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