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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Assessed Expedition

34 students smash their assessed expedition in difficult conditions

In what can only be described as blistering and suffocating heat, 34 year 9 Bronze Award DofE students completed their two-day, one-night assessed expedition in the shadow of the North Yorkshire Moors.

The students have undergone an intense training programme to ensure their readiness for their expeditions, including planning routes and preparing expedition equipment for the successful completion of the expedition section of their Award.

Temperatures soared to 28 degrees as the students navigated and tracked their way through the countryside of Seamer, Kildale, and Carlton-in-Cleveland, whilst under the supervision of five members of Egglescliffe volunteer staff.

The students were expected to meet the 20 conditions of the DofE Assessed Expedition criteria in order to pass. They were assessed by two DofE Assessors who commented on the maturity, politeness, and overwhelming enthusiasm and positivity of our incredible year 9 students.

Despite a few blisters and some hobbling, all 34 students passed and have now officially completed their Expedition section. Students have four sections to complete in total, and for some students, this is the last tick in the box in order to complete their entire Award.

Miss Ghost, Manager of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Egglescliffe School, said: “The students have made us incredibly proud this weekend with their resilience, their sheer determination, and their positivity, particularly in the very difficult conditions they have faced and with some groups carrying injuries. We couldn’t be more pleased that they have passed, and we look forward to welcoming them onto the Silver programme next year.”

The DofE at Egglescliffe is supported by volunteer staff who give up their free time to support the programme. Mr Small, Mr Wilkinson, Miss Higgins, and Mrs Wilson come from a variety of different departments, but all support the training and development of the students across day walks, after-school sessions, and weekend expeditions.

There will be an Award ceremony recognising the achievements of the Bronze students in the Autumn term.

For more information about the DofE Award, please visit

If you'd like more information about DofE at Egglescliffe School, please contact Miss S Ghost.

Monday, 02 July 2018