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Sixth Form Leadership Team

Mr D.Gratton

Director of Sixth Form

Mr Gratton has successfully led the Sixth Form for the past 20 years and has a vast knowledge of the UCAS application process and basically anything there is to know about…anything.

Also Head of Economics, Mr Gratton leads a trip to New York every two years. Recently there has been a massive uptake in Economics at A Level but he can’t quite work out why.

When asked about his favourite thing about being the Director of the Sixth Form, his response was: “I love the positivity and energy of the sixth form students. It’s a real privilege to work here.”

Miss F. Dunnakey

Assistant Director of Sixth Form

Miss Dunnakey looks after all of the data within the sixth form as well helping to lead the day to day running. It’s her ideal job because she crunches numbers as part of the maths department and enjoys doing the odd marathon from time to time. The perfect equation (sorry).

When asked about her favourite thing about working in the sixth form, her response was: “Seeing the difference in the students from the day they arrive to the day they leave, it’s such an honour to see them achieve their potential.”