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Background information

Egglescliffe School is a fully comprehensive, Local Authority maintained school for pupils aged 11-18 years.


Egglescliffe seeks to operate an admissions policy which:-

  • Meets the requirements of the law
  • Meets the needs of parents
  • Is consistently applied and clearly understood by all
  • Operates within the guidelines established by the LA


1. Role of the Local Authority and Governing Body: The Legal Framework

The Local Authority is responsible for the admission arrangements to Egglescliffe School. The governing body has two specific statutory functions:-

(i)         It is consulted each year, by the Local Authority before admission arrangements are finalised.
(ii)        It is consulted by the Local Authority before admissions arrangements are changed in any way.

The legal framework for admissions is introduced in the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 and important changes have been incorporated into the Education Act 2002.


2. Admissions Policy - Summary of Policy for 2013/14

The following is the Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council Admissions Policy and it can be found in the Primary and Secondary Education Booklet for 2013/14, which provides greater detailed definitions of the criteria.

The booklet is available on or you can get copies at your local school, libraries or by contacting Admissions on (01642) 526605.
The Local Education Authority is responsible for admissions to Egglescliffe School.  The admission limit for Year 7 is 235.  The admission conditions will give priority to applications for admission to Egglescliffe if the school is oversubscribed in the following order:-

  1. Pupils who are in the care of the Local Authority or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence, or special guardianship order.
  2. Pupils with complex needs who have been discussed at the Moderating or Statements Panel and been identified as needing a ‘named’ primary or secondary mainstream school.
  3. Pupils who have a brother or sister living at the same address and are still at the school when the pupil begins.
  4. Pupils resident within the admission zone* who have returned a Common Application Form (CAF) by the due date.
  5. Pupils who have social or medical reasons for being admitted to the school which would, should the child not be admitted, cause him or her to be seriously disadvantaged or put personal safety at risk.
  6. In all cases corroboration will be sought from independent sources such as a medical specialist who has had continuing involvement over a period of time, e.g. social worker, or other professional.  It should be noted that places would not be allocated on the basis of aptitude or ability.
  7. Pupils who attend the nursery of the school they wish to attend on a full time basis.
  8. Pupils who live closest to the particular school measured ‘as the crow flies’.
  9. *When a school is oversubscribed with in zone applications we will allocate places to children within Criterion 5 and then on distance from the school (whether in the nursery or not).

Throughout the year we receive requests for pupils to join Egglescliffe in different year groups.  All such transfers are dealt with by the Local Authority and the Headteacher.  Decisions concerning transfers depend upon the number in the year group.  Due to increasing pressure on numbers places are not guaranteed to parents moving into the admission zone if the year group is bigger than its admission number.

3. Standard Number/Admission Limit

Under the provisions of the School Standards and Framework Act 1988, Egglescliffe School must admit pupils up to the admission limit.  The Local Authority may ask the school to admit pupils in excess of 235, subject to the limits prescribed by the School Premises Regulations and in consultation with the governing body. 

The admission limits are as follows:
Year 7 – 235:  Year 8 – 235:  Year 9 – 235:  Year 10 – 235:  Year 11 – 235

4. Admission Criteria in Years 8-11

It is the duty of the LA to comply with parental preferences unless to do so would prejudice the provision for efficient education and the efficient use of resources by the local authority.  From September 2000 the Admission Authority (LA) will not be able to guarantee a place at Egglescliffe School if the school is oversubscribed, even if the child lives in the admission zone.

5. Arrangements for Admission to the Sixth Form

Egglescliffe Sixth Form (years 12 and 13) has a maximum capacity of 300 students.  This number is set at 300 due to the physical capacity of the school.  We admit between approximately 55% or our own year 11 students into the sixth form and up to 30 external students.  There are general entry qualifications and subject entry qualifications

The general entry qualifications are as follows:

      • Students achieving 5+ A*-C grades at GCSE study three AS level courses in year 12
      • Students achieving 5+ A*-B grades at GCSE study four AS level courses in year 12

Subject specific entry qualifications vary from subject to subject.  Details can be found in the sixth form prospectus.

Applications for year 12 courses from external students will be considered together with those from Egglescliffe students so that the maximum number of students in years 12 and 13 combined does not exceed the full capacity number of 300.  Each year the number of places available in year 12 will be published.  This number will vary from year to year because it is dependent upon the size of year 13, given that both year 12 and 13 combined cannot exceed 300.

If year 12 applications exceed the combined total of year 12 and 13 applications (300) the following criteria for admissions applies:

      1. Preference will be given to Egglescliffe students, if they have the appropriate qualifications for entry.
      2. Preference will be given to students opting for courses which are not over-subscribed.
      3. Preference will be given to students who live closest to Egglescliffe School as measures by the shortest public route (in other words, on foot, by car or by public transport along a route open to the public)

During the spring term all students will be invited to discuss their course choices individually with a member of staff.  These guidance discussions are an important part of our student support programme, designed to ensure that every student opts for the most appropriate course.

Timetable for year 12 admissions

      • January – Open Evening for all students
      • March – Guidance discussions for all students
      • End of the Spring Term – submission of application forms for year 12
      • August – after the publication of GCSE results all year 12 applications will be assessed against GCSE grades.  Letters will be sent to Egglescliffe students confirming places.
      • Criteria listed above will be used with reference to external applications and letters will be sent to individual students confirming places.

Under the code of practice all sixth form students have a right of appeal if they are not allocated a place using the entry requirements outlines above.

Arrangements for admission to Year 7


School Prospectus issued to all interested parents.
Parents Information Evening.  All parents who have children in our admission zone are invited, plus others who are interested in Egglescliffe School, but live outside the zone.  The Information Evening is led by the Headteacher and senior staff who describe the work of the school, out line transfer arrangements and give parents the opportunity to ask questions.



Lists of pupils allocated to Egglescliffe is received from the LA.


Summer Term Letters are sent to all Primary Schools asking for:-
  • Information, including attainment, about pupils
  • Request to send letters home asking for personal data on pupils
Letters Returned

Preliminary placement of pupils in House groups based on the following criteria:- Sibling links in the same House Primary friendships (if positive) Academic equality of groups Consideration of social problems which may be helped by a particular tutor group Equal numbers in each group.


Heads of House

Visit groups of Primary Schools to gather information from Year 6 teachers.  It is also their first opportunity to meet and reassure pupils about the Secondary School.



The SEN Co-ordinator will visit schools to discuss issues concerning pupils with SEN.


Heads of House

Will place pupils in Tutor groups within their House, using the criteria listed above.


Premlim. List

Sent to Primary Schools.


July Induction day for all Year 6 pupils


On the first day of term in September:

Year 7 pupils should go straight to the main hall where they will be met by their Head of House and tutor.

School Hours - 8.50am to 12.30pm. 1.10pm to 3.15pm.
There are five one hour lessons each day for all pupils.

Collective worship takes place on four mornings out of five and it is organised in Houses.
Parents should contact the Head of House if they wish to withdraw their child from collective worship.

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Healthy School Award: Gold 2006 Investor in People: 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009 Outstanding School Award: 2012 - 2013 Sport England Sportsmark: 2002-2007 Artsmark Gold Arts College Science College